Shawn is Co-Founder of Igniiter, an online collaboration, project management, and crowdfunding platform for university startups and research projects. Igniiter is currently in its pilot phase at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Shawn is author of "Essays," which satirizes philosophical treatises, and is a contributing author to "Atheists in America" by Melanie Brewster, Ph. D., published by the Columbia University Press (2014).

In 2012, Shawn joined the Schubert Group, a global management firm, and assisted in the research of the then-upcoming JOBs act and it's implications on the emerging crowdfunding landscape.

As featured in the Dutch Daily News, Shawn Founded The Dutch East India Company, Inc in 2010. Revitalizing a 400-year-old brand, DEI provided pre-capital advising and fundraising services to seed-stage startups.

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